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Digital strategy
& transformation

Digital transformation is reimagining your business to exceed the standards of the digital age.

Customer first, culture driven with a focus on innovation and emerging technologies. Increasing customer experience and operational excellence to create a sustainable, competitive advantage inspired by new digital value propositions.

“Have a laser-like focus”

Customer experience

Create digital experiences that are meaningful, creating convenience, always available and instant gratification. Customer experience is the new loyalty.

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Operational excellence

Technology has a visible impact on the performance of a company. Digital leaders outperform digital laggards in revenue growth.

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Culture driven

Create a digital culture that looks outside-in, radiates ambition, promotes ownership, functions agile and values collaboration. Forming the foundation of a company focussing on innovation.

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Digital transformation was already hot in the 60’s

Digital transformation has been around for at least 50+ years. Remember the transition from analog to digital watches? The disappearance of typewriters, analog photographic camera’s, record stores and cable of your phone?

Uber Logo

The biggest taxi company in the world. Doesn’t even own one taxi.

Netflix Logo

The most video’s watched today are via online demand and streaming - Not DVD.

AirBnb Logo

The most reservation made today - are made at an hotel with not a single room.

Yes, that’s it: Digital Transformation.
It’s redefining the experience for customers and creating new value.

The fourth industrial revolution is digital transformation as well. It gets accelerated by emerging technologies like: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation.

This transformation will be disruptive to businesses, but also creates opportunity for new business, new markets, and new innovation. In our service design, UX and CX workshops we focus on three types of innovation: process innovation, project innovation and business model innovation.

We create a digital strategy that is focused on:

digitizing the core

By digitizing the core you incrementally increase efficiency of your company's backbone. It’s about standardization of business processes and applications, about avoiding data silo’s.

new digital growth

Dramatically change the way you work, transform your business model. Disrupt how you work today. Creating an exponential impact with an outside-in approach.

bimodal it

Separate two coherent ways of IT management: stability in the core and agility for new innovation, bridging the gap between solid backend systems and delivery of innovative applications.


Iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Sprints and constant feedback are at the center of an agile way of working.

Technology evolves fast. Extremely fast.

The three exponential laws of increase in processing power, communication bandwidth and storage capacity are the technological foundation of today's digital transformation.

Our minds are tuned into seeing and predicting linear developments and tend to underestimate the speed technological evolution.

When do you think full-autonomous cars will drive on public roads?
Google, Tesla and Uber did their tests yesterday. And aspire to hit the market in 2020.

Didn’t see it coming?

The first challenge that needs to be overcome is one of perception
— of understanding how digital technology is evolving.


"The success of digital innovation lies in identifying new opportunities, determining which opportunities to pursue, and adjusting Your business to act on those opportunities"

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