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Customer experience

Deliver digital experiences that are experience driven, convenient, connected, always-on, provide instant gratification and guarantee privacy.

"Customer experience is the new loyalty"

Work outside-in. Customer first. It's called service design.

The starting point of true customer experience is... the customer.

No matter who.

The needs, wishes and urges of your customer are the basis of service design which identifies the right problems to focus on and comes up with the right solutions.

A human centered design should be user centered, co-created, sequenced, validated, and of a holistic nature.

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Changing customer expectations

Digital innovation and the changing online world have propelled customer expectations to new heights. It’s up to the you to keep up and deliver. Which product or service qualities do customers value most? And how can you deliver on them?


Because you are unique

It’s time to get personal. Today’s customers expect highly intuitive, personalized experiences and interactions every step of the way. This goes beyond addressing someone by their name. Eventually, every touchpoint and interaction throughout the customer journey should be personalized.

How? By understanding the customer and tracking his behavior across channels. Customer journeys are dynamic, companies need to collect customer interaction data across new channels. Thanks to the development of AI and it's deep learning algorithms, customer behavior can be predicted better than ever. Thus, resulting in a more personalized experience for users.

“75% of customers admit being more likely to buy from a company that recognizes them by name, knows their purchase history, and recommends products based on past purchases”
- A big boring consultancy firm
A personalized approach by Netflix

Not only does Netflix use a complex algorithm to offer its users the best possible recommendations, it personalizes the artwork of each series or movie to look as appealing as possible to each user. Through a machine learning algorithm it figures out which art style catches your eye the most. In the near future, Netflix will go even further with personalized content tailored to your taste. Binge-watching will be as easy as breathing.

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Always-on, instant gratification

Because you want it now

The rapid growth and development of the online world has changed how efficient we expect businesses to be. The always-on culture means 24/7 customer service has become a standard. It means free 1-day shipment is a given. It means mobile-oriented experiences are a must. Customers expect to connect with companies on their terms. They choose the time, place and platform. Companies need to anticipate and understand which type of customer they are dealing with. ‘Customer is king’ has never been more true.

"73% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do when providing customer service”
- Yet another big firm
Odette Lunettes
An always-on approach by Odette Lunettes

For Odette Lunettes, a fast-growing glasses company, we created a chatbot that is easy-to-use and helps you to choose the right glasses, day and night. It keeps youngsters connected with funny stories and witty remarks. Its purpose is to bring people closer to the brand and helping them choose new glasses, without opening hours. And it works.

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Connected journey

Because online and offline have merged

The connected customer demands a connected journey. Customers are no longer tied to a single channel. They like to browse in-store, shop online, share feedback through mobile apps and ask questions on social media. Multichannel turns into omnichannel. Therefore it has become critical for you to deliver a seamless experience and increase the amount of contact points between you and your customers. Customers judge companies based on their experience as a whole - not just interactions with individual departments.

A connected journey approach by Tesla

Automotive showrooms have shifted from traditional offices with large parking lots to ‘experience centers’ that focus on customer interactions. Tesla owns mostly small showrooms with large interactive screens that allow customers to play around with specifications. Staff members tour the showroom with iPads and help customers in personalizing their vehicle. Tesla lets customers test drive their customized car and place an order for the factory on site, instead of selling through third-party franchised dealers, ensuring a connected journey.

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Experience driven

We buy experiences not things

Digital innovation has introduced a new mindset in the way we grade products and services. Delivering the best product for the best price simply does not cut it anymore. Especially the younger generation is looking for an end-to-end experience, across the full customer journey. Experience driven stands for connections between brand and customer that are emotional, personal, interesting, adapted and consistent. Just like we expect our personal relations in the physical world to be.

"71% of people recommend a product or service because they received a “great experience”
- THE EX-EMPLOYER OF some of our colleagues
Bacardi Martini
An experience driven approach by Bacardi Martini

Bacardi Martini, the world famous drink, is all about experiences. In the summer of 2019 we co-created the Martini Time concept, together with BORIS. It’s not about the drink anymore, it’s about happiness. It’s about sharing time with people that really matter. Download the Martini Time app. Discover unique places where you can enjoy Martini with friends. Collect virtual Martini Time in Augmented Reality and exchange it for even more unique experiences like a balloon flight or overwater aperitif. Let's make time. Martini Time.

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Is about removing friction

Convenience in a digital landscape means delivering a seamless experience and removing every possible friction. The perfect product or service at the perfect time. It’s not just about ‘fast and easy’ but about focusing on detail and using digital technologies to offer something that is ‘just right’. Convenience has become an increasingly powerful point of differentiation. Companies that know how to disrupt and innovate are redefining convenience directly in the context of highly personalized consumer experiences. In a customer's mind the label of convenience translates into a business being viewed as:

KBC and Belfius
The convenience battle by KBC and Belfius

KBC and Belfius, both belgian banks, are working very hard to provide the highest level of convenience. When products, services, experiences and prices become very much alike, sometimes due to regulation, convenience becomes the decisive factor for customers. KBC and Belfius are long aware of this, making it as easy as possible to transfer money, pay your friends and even parking tickets. Have you ever considered switching banks because of the usability of their app? The new generation, Gen. Z, does it all the time.

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From pen and paper to digital convenience by Denys

For Denys, world leader in construction, we build a mobile app that digitizes and streamlines the process of construction site safety inspections. Convenience is the #1 priority, as inspectors described the original process as faulty, tedious, cumbersome and dated. We made it as easy as possible for inspectors to fill out an inspection report, add photos, notes or other data, and upload it to a relevant network - a convenient flow that poses as few barriers as possible. The app has offline compatibility, suggests the building site using geo-location and is big-finger-approved.

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Privacy by design

Because we want to feel safe

GDPR and data management regulations have made meeting privacy requirements a daunting task. Not only do you have to meet your customers’ expectations regarding data security, you have to translate it to a transparent and proactive policy. Data management is a precarious beast. Show your customers that you have tamed it and that your brand can be trusted. Customers are more than willing to share their precious personal data if you prove to be a good privacy steward.

“85% of consumers won’t do business with a company if they’re concerned about its security practices”
- A company with much more research-budget
A private approach by Cake

Cake, the app to bring all your bank accounts together, pays you to share your data. What? Sharing my bankaccount? No, they use anonymous buying data to determine for example who is the biggest competitor for Kinepolis on rainy sundays by looking at anonymous customers buying habits on rainy sundays. The do privacy by design. Explaining how they how they handle all kinds of data, including your personal details. They explain in readable non-complex writing which of your personal details they save, how they process them and why they do this. Making it easy to decide about and allow usage of your data.

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"Always exceed your customer's expectations"

Every experience counts. The race to deliver what customers want has sped up significantly. A fast race means you can quickly distinguish yourself from competitors. So attack weaknesses in your customer journey and strengthen your position as a facilitator of excellence.

What are your customer's expectations?

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