This is how we roll

What we do, we do with reason. Every wireframe, line of code, carefully thought through. And we take you with us, every step of the way.Process |Design

Like Colombus

Let’s Explore

We want to meet up and pick your brain. Which ambitions do you hold? What are your expectations? Your goals and targets? Why are you in need of digitalization? We want to gain insight in what motivates customers and users to interact with you. Time to brainstorm and gather ideas. Next we can start defining client personas and map out customer journeys.Customer FirstKPI | Ideation | Personas | Customer Journey | Value Proposition Canvas

On the Table

Always Bring Value

Let’s validate and structure the ideas we came up with during the exploration phase. We always give priority to added value for the end user, your customer. Or employee. Based on prototyping and user feedback we construct a value innovation matrix in order to visualize that objective.Value Innovation MatrixAB Testing | Rapid Prototyping | User Testing

mind & soul

Emotional Design

Intuition and convenience are values we include from day one. We strive for a seamless experience. Through the use of best practices and user behavior we eliminate user experience frustrations to assure a proper flow. We feel that the quality of UX makes or breaks a product, so we’re not cutting off any corners. Unless they generate friction. Furthermore, we use gamification principles whereas possible to trigger incentives and user interest.Human-CenteredBehavioral Design | Interaction Design | Experience Design | Interface Design

Return on Experience

Digital Strategy

With a concept in mind we create a business road map and take a closer look at the complexity of the endeavour. What is the budget? Which technology is required? What is the go-to-market strategy? And what is the plan of approach? Ideas are structured, plans become concrete.Business RoadmapMoSCoW | Service Blueprint | Architecture | Go to Market

From Ellen

With Love

MLP, the Minimum Lovable Product. You may have heard of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers. We think we can do better. That is why we want an initial product that is not only feasible, but valuable, usable and delightful. A Minimum Lovable Product goes beyond the bare necessities. So added value for the end user, without the complexity of a final product.Minimum Lovable productFeasible | Valuable | Usable | Delightful

Silky Smooth

Co-create convenience

Co-creation is a term we do not take lightly. We value transparency deeply. So we want to work as closely together as possible. We want to share insights while keeping in mind budget, timing and scope. Cross-functional, efficient and iterative. The agile way.Iterative DevelopmentUser Stories | Scrum | Sprints | Testdriven | More than Post-its

Or die

Let’s innovate

As digital natives - a cool buzzword for nerds - we are fascinated by the latest developments in emerging technologies. The future is bright! Together with you we want to assess which technologies will provide added value to your customers.Emerging TechnologiesAR / VR | Internet of things | Robotic Process Automation | AI | Conversational

design the future

Analyse the past

Let’s see whether our implemented digital strategy matches the initial assumptions and KPI’s we made together at the start. Based on actual feedback and real data we adapt customer journeys. Because without data we are just another person with an opinion. We revisit the business road map and look back at the ideas we made during the explore phase. Can they be expanded or fine-tuned based on lessons learned?Continuous Service ImprovementHeatmaps | Recordings | Conversion Funnels | Feedback Polls | Surveys

Word of Mouth?

Digital Marketing

A term that covers a wide range of services. We have the proper expertise to guide you with branding, go-to-market, social media strategy, content strategy, SEO/SEA, E-mail marketing and so much more. Effective tools to provide you with a competitive advantage. And keep in mind: marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.OmnichannelConversion | Personalisation | Automation

Your Majesty

At Your Service

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. Basically a live-long service guarantee. After the launch of your product we provide appropriate maintenance and support. With the right activation strategy we make sure your application does not end up in the trash bin. Our products are not a dime a dozen, remember? We unburden you from IT complexity, so you can focus on innovation and growth.Like what you see? |Contact