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Touch change

We co-create mobile convenience. Unlock headstrong innovation. Bring awesome inspiration. As digital natives, we connect the dots and capture your story, ideas and processes into unexpected experiences.

Because every app we build is straightforward, sexy and top notch. Moving hearts and minds at the tip of your finger. Like a stroke of magic.

So let’s interact. Touch. Change.

Discover our touch

Our touch.

Appwise develops mobile smartphone and tablet solutions for customers worldwide. We strongly believe in co-creation by our own Design-Develop-Grow process.


Workshop - UI&UX


Appwise guides customers as developer and process coach through a controlled though creative process.The journey starts with translating technology into human language, followed by design and prototyping, focussing on user experience, usability and attractivity: "Beauty in form" and "Simplicity in function" are our perfect combination. Appwise-apps have to pass the FSE-test as well. They have to be Fast, Sexy and Easy.


iOS - Android


Development of native apps for iOS and Android with 'cutting edge' technologies and frameworks. Appwise consists of complementary individuals and teams who, in addition to their mobile expertise also exceed in Web and Backend development, Data Modeling and Mining, Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Conversational User Interfaces, ... but also dominate Testing, Continuous Integration and Quality Assurance.


Marketing - Insights


App activation is equally crucial to write a success story. Appwise loves playing a supporting role to activate your mobile solution in your market or organization. User data and obtained insights are the fuel for continuing the Shape-Build-Activate process in order to offer the best experience for each user.

Get touched

A glimpse in the daily life of our glorious frolleagues* combining talent, passion and champagne.

frol • lea • gues
*When colleagues become friends.

Touch love

Everytime we touched, we got this feeling.

Together we created apps with extraordinary user experiences.

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